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Highlights of the films and projects of

WiFT LA and its members

To submit your trailer, please send info here

Criteria for submission: Must be submitted by CURRENT member who holds a key position (Director, Producer, Writer, Lead Actor) on the project.

Trailers & Excerpts:




Member: Victoria Greene, Director/Producer

Bayou Corne, was once a thriving Cajun community. Irresponsible mining practices on an underground salt dome changed their lives and our environment on August 3, 2012, when a giant sinkhole swallowed a swath of nearby swamps. Residents were left with an impossible choice: start their lives over elsewhere, or stay and face the risks.

CUT OFF (2018)


Member: Carol Bidault de l'Isle, Producer

Struggling with his new life in New Orleans, Clive (25 years old) follows Trevor a former professor to his country home on the bayou in Cut Off, Louisiana to gain a new perspective. While Trevor tries to help Clive deal with his demons, he is sucked into a mission to kill.



Member: Gisele Haralson

A Celebration of Women is an event held in Baton Rouge that celebrate the achievements of leading women in the industry. This event addresses the strong resilience of women of all races and backgrounds. There is debate and discussion of the core issues that we face and bring together women who have thrived in their respective businesses, careers, and everyday life. The mission of this event is to celebrate and honor women for their achievement and accomplishments, but more than anything, to share our experiences and visions for a better society for all women and children. Women have emerged as leaders and catalysts for change in our communities, workplace, government, and A Celebration of Women is a way to unite strong female voices by truly encouraging, embracing, linking, and uplifting each other. But more than anything, this celebration is about teaching children the importance of giving back and caring for others, as embodied virtuously by this year’s honorees.


Narrative Short

Member: Jency Griffin Hogan

Award: Won The Founder's Award, Louisiana Film Prize

When a fugitive slave accidentally leads bounty hunters to an Underground Railroad safe house, an Abolitionist pastor and his daughter are forced to test the limits of their faith to protect innocent lives.



Member: Sandy Parker

Smack. Crunch. Splat. Two lovers are heading to the altar and small creatures are dying along the way.  Predestination or coincidence? Creatures of God is a dark comedy that explores the obsessiveness of humans to find meaning in the random events that happen in our lives.

WIFT Louisiana Collective Project 

EDEN HOUSE: Keeping the Promise (2014)


Member: Sandy Parker, Producer / Director

"Eden House - Keeping the Promise" exposes the underworld of human trafficking and tells the story of how two women helped each other escape and are now helping others.The average age of entry into prostitution for American girls is 12 to 14. Worldwide, human trafficking has surpassed guns and is second only to drugs in illegal trade. Eden House is a unique two-year program in New Orleans that provides a home for women who have been commercially and sexually exploited, giving them an opportunity to reclaim their lives. 

WIFT Louisiana Collective Project



Collected Interviews with Women in Film

A Woman’s Work, co-curated by Women in Film and Television Louisiana (WIFT) and the Contemporary Arts Center(CAC), is an exhibition of moving image—film, video, and new media—made by women in Louisiana. Themed presentations on four screens will spotlight original filmed work ranging from the outer reaches of experimental video to locally made web series to documentaries and original narrative films. A fifth screen will feature an original documentary created for this exhibition that includes interviews with over 50 women in the Louisiana industry discussing their lives and careers. The exhibition represents women working in every area of film, television, and digital media production—from those who direct or produce these works, to art directors, costume designers, stuntwomen, or any number of roles essential to the creation of moving image.

Destiny lives Down the Road (2011)

Short Narrative

Member: Daneeta Loretta Jackson

Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer

Life sucks for Destiny: after the hurricane, she was displaced for two years. Now her mom's a drunk and her dad lives with a stripper. All Destiny wants to do is enroll in her old dance school and find a normal. But with the responsibility of taking care of her two younger sisters, money problems and just being a teen, dreams have a tendency to elude.

Mrs. Carmella Prays (2011)

Short Documentary

Member: Daneeta Loretta Jackson

Co-Director, Co-Producer

Octogenarian, Carmella Noto, prays. She prays a lot. A dedicated lifetime Catholic, Carmella feels it her duty to pray for everyone. "I'm planting seeds for Jesus."

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